Friday, March 2, 2012

It's been a while again...

I know I haven't posted since our training in January so I figure it might be a decent idea to post something before Kami gets back next week from maternity leave..

Well what have I been up to our readers have been constantly asking me since my last post.. A few things trying to stay busy:

  • educating myself on working with skilled volunteers
  • figuring out how to pair skilled volunteers with nonprofits to their technological needs
  • attending as many nonprofit tech and social enterprise meet up's as possible to network, find volunteers and gain insight on how to manage such a large deliverable
  • shooting myself in the foot 
  • questioning on how to make this program sustainable
  • making various on site visits to non profits in need of tech help
I've also taken a great interest into East Palo Alto and the state of their of not being connected in spite of being in the middle of the world's tech epicenter.  I would like provide as much aid as I can too them but how much can one person with such little support behind them..

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