Monday, January 23, 2012

The One-On-One Sessions at the Teach-In Event

At the tech teach-in event at Google Mountain View on January 18, non-profit organizations had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Google volunteer for 2 hours. Here are the volunteers and the organizations:

Elizabeth taught Emergency USA and Centro Community Partners about Social Media. Anna taught Two Countries One Heart about Google Docs. Jaclyn taught Renaissance about Google Analytics.

Patricia taught DotGreen Foundation about Google Analytics. Devika taught Mission Economic Development Agency about Google Docs. Nicole taught Mission Community Market and Curry Senior Center about Social Media.

Ana taught CAMEO about Google AdWords. Janelle taught Inveneo about Google AdWords. Juliet taught Full Circle Fund about AdWords.

Jocelyn taught Jai Bhim International about Google Sites. Martin taught Digital Game Museum about Google Analytics. Rohit taught The Greenlining Institute about Social Media.

Anna taught Livermore Valley Education Foundation about Social Media. Dan taught UN Women USNC San Francisco Bay Area about Social Media. Dave taught United Way of the Bay Area about Google Analytics.

Allie taught Sacramento Housing Alliance about Social Media. Caroline taught Mitchell Kapor Foundation and NetRoots Nation about Google Analytics. Rachel taught Woman Vision about Google Analytics

Sam taught Oakland Local and YWCA Silicon Valley about Advanced Internet Search. Joanna taught Village Enterprise about Google Analytics. Nikki taught Earn It! Keep It! Save It! about Google AdWords.

Bonnie and Kaylyn taught OHP Foundation about Google AdWords. Chetan taught Oakland Digital about Google AdWords.

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