Friday, January 20, 2012

Nonprofit Tech Teach In!!!

So finally after weeks of planning, last minute stressing and hardwork our nonprofit tech teach in was a success. With only a few scheduling logistics to work out for next time the event ran rather smoothly. Watching the sunrise as we drove down to Mountain View at 6 am was rather pleasant and arriving at freezing cold Google Campus wasn't too bad either.

Googlers were matched up for one on one sessions with nonprofits and Aspiration delivered their trainings to compliment. Repeat of the morning in the afternoon after a Google Lunch.

I'm always a fan of large events where I can network and meet people doing very different but things all working towards a common goal of bettering the world that we live in.
When asking some of the Googlers after the sessions if they got something out of it many responded it was great to work with a nonprofit. A lot of them said that they spent their day making calls to small businesses that operate in a very different but similar way to nonprofits.

I would really would like to have another training like this in the future so I can make it go smoother and work out all of the kinks from the last one. It would also be great if we could have Aspiration along side us again they make a great  partner.

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone at Google especially Elaine, Sarah and Molly as well as the Aspiration team for putting on an awesome day. You can view the positive responses from the twitter feed here. Below are a few pics of the one on one sessions/ Aspiration break out sessions. 

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