Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Space, New Objectives

Well, it's been quite some time since I've posted so I figure I might get to it before it becomes any longer.  As the New Year begins and I'm fresh from a nice vacation to the east coast I'm feeling very optimistic about the next 8 months left of my service and time at CTN.

I've been busy round the clock working various projects that have taken way over the past month. 

First orders of business has been the "Nonprofit Tech Teach In" we along with Aspiration will be hosting on January 18th at Google.  The training will be held down at the Googleplex in Mountain View with 65 non-profit organizations attending.  The training will be scheduled around 3 break out sessions dealing with online communications lead by Aspiration. CTN's portion of the training will involve smaller one on one sessions with 20 Google Volunteers paired up with 20 nonprofits. The one on one sessions will be centered around 6 different topics including google adwords, analytics, sites, docs, advanced Internet search and social media.

My job has been to be in charge of the one on one sessions. I'll be conducting a webinar to give to 50 or so Googlers this Thursday that will give them an outline of how to act as a trainer when teaching the nonprofits on the six different topics.  It has been a lengthy project but overall should be helpful and beneficial to the googlers. 

As well as working vigorously on the Tech Teach In Mun and myself have been working on coming up with a format for a "tech assessments". I'm hoping to start on my first tech assessment by the end of the month.

Finally, we've moved into a new office space at Mission Social at 972 mission street. The set up is an open floor plan where you can see all of the organizations working at the space. A lot of the organizations hosted at Mission Social involve in gapping the digital divide not just domestically like CTN but all across the globe. It is a great feeling to be in such a positive work environment surrounded by organizations doing such incredible work not to mention having a free pool table next to my desk..

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