Monday, January 30, 2012

One-On-One Sessions Survey Results

Only those who attended the one-on-one sessions answered these 5 questions:

Everyone answered these two questions:

Monday, January 23, 2012

The One-On-One Sessions at the Teach-In Event

At the tech teach-in event at Google Mountain View on January 18, non-profit organizations had the opportunity to meet one-on-one with a Google volunteer for 2 hours. Here are the volunteers and the organizations:

Elizabeth taught Emergency USA and Centro Community Partners about Social Media. Anna taught Two Countries One Heart about Google Docs. Jaclyn taught Renaissance about Google Analytics.

Patricia taught DotGreen Foundation about Google Analytics. Devika taught Mission Economic Development Agency about Google Docs. Nicole taught Mission Community Market and Curry Senior Center about Social Media.

Ana taught CAMEO about Google AdWords. Janelle taught Inveneo about Google AdWords. Juliet taught Full Circle Fund about AdWords.

Jocelyn taught Jai Bhim International about Google Sites. Martin taught Digital Game Museum about Google Analytics. Rohit taught The Greenlining Institute about Social Media.

Anna taught Livermore Valley Education Foundation about Social Media. Dan taught UN Women USNC San Francisco Bay Area about Social Media. Dave taught United Way of the Bay Area about Google Analytics.

Allie taught Sacramento Housing Alliance about Social Media. Caroline taught Mitchell Kapor Foundation and NetRoots Nation about Google Analytics. Rachel taught Woman Vision about Google Analytics

Sam taught Oakland Local and YWCA Silicon Valley about Advanced Internet Search. Joanna taught Village Enterprise about Google Analytics. Nikki taught Earn It! Keep It! Save It! about Google AdWords.

Bonnie and Kaylyn taught OHP Foundation about Google AdWords. Chetan taught Oakland Digital about Google AdWords.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nonprofit Tech Teach In!!!

So finally after weeks of planning, last minute stressing and hardwork our nonprofit tech teach in was a success. With only a few scheduling logistics to work out for next time the event ran rather smoothly. Watching the sunrise as we drove down to Mountain View at 6 am was rather pleasant and arriving at freezing cold Google Campus wasn't too bad either.

Googlers were matched up for one on one sessions with nonprofits and Aspiration delivered their trainings to compliment. Repeat of the morning in the afternoon after a Google Lunch.

I'm always a fan of large events where I can network and meet people doing very different but things all working towards a common goal of bettering the world that we live in.
When asking some of the Googlers after the sessions if they got something out of it many responded it was great to work with a nonprofit. A lot of them said that they spent their day making calls to small businesses that operate in a very different but similar way to nonprofits.

I would really would like to have another training like this in the future so I can make it go smoother and work out all of the kinks from the last one. It would also be great if we could have Aspiration along side us again they make a great  partner.

I want to give a huge thanks to everyone at Google especially Elaine, Sarah and Molly as well as the Aspiration team for putting on an awesome day. You can view the positive responses from the twitter feed here. Below are a few pics of the one on one sessions/ Aspiration break out sessions. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

100% hands-on service, Jan 16, 2012

Better make that 99% hands-on because we wore gloves!

Here is the event description:
MLK Day of Service 2012

Date & Time: Monday, January 16, 2012; 9AM – 12PM
Project Site: Crissy Field
Meeting Location: Stilwell Hall
Agency: The Golden Gate National Parks Volunteer Program is a cooperative parkwide effort of The Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy, the National Park Service, and the Presidio Trust.
Type of Service: Help keep the San Francisco Shoreline beautiful. Volunteers are needed to help keep these popular public destinations well maintained for both local and worldwide visitors to use and enjoy. Projects include litter removal, weeding invasive plants, vegetation pruning, sand removal, painting, site improvements, and trail maintenance.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Regional VISTA Meeting, Jan 6, 2012

Last Friday, January 6, 2012, Dan and I went to our first Bay Area Regional VISTA meeting, held in the federal building in Oakland. We got to meet like 50 other VISTAs, some VISTA leaders, 4 VISTA alumni and some representatives from CNCS.

After signing in, and helping ourselves to coffee and pastries (you got to ask Dan about the bagels!), we got to hear about MLK Day of Service and sign up for some events. I will be going to help clean up and restore Crissy Field in San Francisco, and will be getting a few friends to tag along.

Then, we heard from a panel of 4 VISTA alumni, followed by a questions and answers. It is interesting to know that most of the topics were about how and when to start finding employment. One alumni said she started looking 7 months before her program ended. Even the CNCS staff (the "employers") mentioned that VISTAs should not pass out a good opportunity.

After the alumni panel talk, Dan and I got to meet and network with other VISTA members, although most of them left immediately. A group of about 10 of us went to lunch together. Just from the VISTAs at San Francisco Education Fund and Playworks, I feel that there are ways for VISTA members to help each other finish their projects and meet the numbers needed for deliverables.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

New Year, New Space, New Objectives

Well, it's been quite some time since I've posted so I figure I might get to it before it becomes any longer.  As the New Year begins and I'm fresh from a nice vacation to the east coast I'm feeling very optimistic about the next 8 months left of my service and time at CTN.

I've been busy round the clock working various projects that have taken way over the past month. 

First orders of business has been the "Nonprofit Tech Teach In" we along with Aspiration will be hosting on January 18th at Google.  The training will be held down at the Googleplex in Mountain View with 65 non-profit organizations attending.  The training will be scheduled around 3 break out sessions dealing with online communications lead by Aspiration. CTN's portion of the training will involve smaller one on one sessions with 20 Google Volunteers paired up with 20 nonprofits. The one on one sessions will be centered around 6 different topics including google adwords, analytics, sites, docs, advanced Internet search and social media.

My job has been to be in charge of the one on one sessions. I'll be conducting a webinar to give to 50 or so Googlers this Thursday that will give them an outline of how to act as a trainer when teaching the nonprofits on the six different topics.  It has been a lengthy project but overall should be helpful and beneficial to the googlers. 

As well as working vigorously on the Tech Teach In Mun and myself have been working on coming up with a format for a "tech assessments". I'm hoping to start on my first tech assessment by the end of the month.

Finally, we've moved into a new office space at Mission Social at 972 mission street. The set up is an open floor plan where you can see all of the organizations working at the space. A lot of the organizations hosted at Mission Social involve in gapping the digital divide not just domestically like CTN but all across the globe. It is a great feeling to be in such a positive work environment surrounded by organizations doing such incredible work not to mention having a free pool table next to my desk..