Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Possible recommendations for tech assessments

So, we have finished asking 1,000 questions, and spent 1,000 hours doing the analysis and assessment. Now let's write that 999-page report, and try to solve all their problems using Google cloud computing!

Or, here are some "Possible Recommendations" that I have researched on. (You decide where to plug them in the template from the previous blog.)

  • Classroom Management Software (such as NetSupport School, NeTop, InterClass and LanSchool) allows the teacher to monitor and control the students' computer. The teacher can also lock out computers, block programs and the internet, broadcast to computers, remotely start-up and shutdown computers, etc.
  • Learning Management Software (such as Moodle, WebCT and BlackBoard) allows the teacher to develop and deploy instruction on the internet, ie. eLearning. Students can enroll in classes, do learning activities such as quizzes, get feedback, and contribute to forums, wikis, glossaries, etc.
  • Content Management Software (such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla) allows a non-techie to maintain a web or blog site without knowing much web graphics and code such as HTML, CSS or PHP. A resourceful non-techie could even set up or register such a site by himself or herself.
  • Disk Protection Software (such as Steady State, Deep Freeze and Clean Slate) allows a non-techie to maintain and troubleshoot computers by just restarting them. All file and setting changes are wiped clean, and the computer reverts to the original state set by the administrator.
  • Disk Imaging Software (such as Ghost, Clonezilla and Acronis) allow computers to be set up, maintained and restored more easily by making them exact copies of each other. For more information, please contact Dan Hastings, our own the Clonezilla expert!

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