Monday, December 5, 2011


So if you think this post is going to be about how technology runs my life and everyone else's lives and how eventually the skies will be grey and the light of day will never show again as we spiral into an oblivion due to the take over of machines..well then HA! I fooled you with the title but got you to read thus far...
However, that is how I felt last week and this week as I began my start on imaging the entire Valencia Gardens Computer Lab. Everything was good to go until a bunch of little monster kids played a bunch of games on my prototype computer somehow got a bunch of tool bars installed and surpassed the lock down that steady had on the machine. I've yet to figure out the specifics within steady state to fix this but I'm pretty sure I can.
Also, to add the issue on Friday I asked Mun who was at the lab to install Skype for me and I get an e-mail just before I'm about to leave for the weekend telling me the Internet is down on that machine. Mun, who knows how to trouble shoot the issue as well as I do did everything he could but still had no luck getting the Internet back up.

I know a little bit about troubleshooting basic Internet lossage issues easily on any machine but when it comes to Windows I'm definitely know less. I spent a good hour this morning trying to figure out the problem only to come to the conclusion I had no idea what it was other than it couldn't figure out what the issue was.
I'm very content to jumping straight to blaming Windows (being a mac user my whole life and a in the process of being a Linux convert. I've always hated windows with a passion) as well as blaming the hardware, yet today the only one to blame is me. I need to get my networking skills up and need to know more about troubleshooting network issues. Hopefully the classes that I plan on taking next semester at city college will help with this. Anyone have any good tutorials or on line lessons that break down basic networking for me? That would be awesome! Any one all of you 3 people that actually read this blog...

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