Monday, December 26, 2011

Eastern Park Apartments Cyber Cafe

Last Friday, a group of CTN volunteers and Department of Aging staff help install 9 computers in Eastern Park Apartments at 711 Eddy Street.

Two days earlier on Wednesday, we had tested one computer at Eaton & Associates, before they used that computer as an image to clone the other computers. (For more info about disk imaging software, please refer to previous blog post).

When they delivered the computers to us on Friday, we set it up around the cyber cafe (see photo), and proceeded to test the computers. Several problems were found. Since the computers were not imaged with the wi-fi password, printer and scanner drivers, we had to manually go into each computer, turn off Clean Slate (see previous blog post about disk protection software), fix the problems, and then turn Clean Slate back on again.

One senior center "done". 51 more to go. I hope can teach some classes here or at the other locations!

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