Wednesday, November 9, 2011

It's been a while...planning..waiting..networking

It's been a while since my last post. Not to say I've been insanely busy, yet I think it's safe to say that nothing incredibly exciting has happened in the past few weeks. Here are the updates:

The BTOP computers that are to be issued to the 26 senior centers are finally starting to delivered. Mun and I have made a few appearances at various centers to show off the computers with the CTN staff. It's kinda nice to have little old Spanish lady's showing you their sideshow of Barcelona to you. It makes me miss Europe and want to learn Spanish.

Hands on Tech rolled out their outline for the 11 tech assessments that each of us our to complete within the next year. The outline looks extensive and possibly filled with too many questions to bother a NPO with, but overall doesn't seem that terrible. My only concern is once we've given the tech assessment how do we know who or what to recommend to the organization. This didn't seem liked it was covered in the webinar. How is this capacity building?

Lastly, this Friday Mun, Kami and I attended the social media for non-profits conference in downtown SF. My only complaint besides the “continental breakfast” being a single KIND bar was sitting down for 8 hours. I think I stood up to use the restroom 12 times just so I could stretch my legs and keep myself from dozing off.

The whole experience though was pretty awesome. Getting to see Craig Newmark the founder of craigslist speak and proclaim how he was on painkillers was hilarious. Craig wasn't my only takeaway, getting to socialize and meet other people from different non-profits in the bay area was rewarding as well. I'm a huge fan of large conferences where you get to share ideas, network and listen to what other people do to help change the world.

In general, things are starting to pick up but yet I still don't seem to be moving fast enough. I'm working on making all of the computers in the VG lab faster so I can actually teach on them. Mun and I are putting together a lesson plan for the basic mac class we will be teaching at BAVC in January. We are collaborating with Jessica and Uno at Aspiration to create a training in mid-January at Google. The training a full day split into two different parts. The first part will consist of non-profits paired with Google Skilled based volunteers to aid them in areas such as google analytics, adwords and gmail. The other part will be Aspiration will offer a series of workshops that they normally give to their clients involving areas such as creating e-mail newsletters and social media.

Well that's it for the time being. I'll post as soon as the next earthquake hits (we had three in a week two weeks ago) or when the pace starts to pick up. I'll hopefully be attending Aspirations Dev Summit next week ( so I'm guessing I'll have something more interesting to write about. For now – Selah

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