Saturday, October 22, 2011

Reporting pressure, peer pressure

I don't mind not starting my service later due to CTN's work plan, my own vacation plan, and the fact that I still don't have the smart phone. Still, I would be lying if said I rather work in the office than in the field directly with the community. I have been slowly losing my patience, but this week, it really took a hit.

First, Dan and I are required to submit a number of reports. I doesn't really help to be asked 129 times in the monthly survey what we have not done. Then, they promptly send us a nicely formatted report that summarizes our results (or lack thereof). Then they ask us to do an evaluation and a reflection to remind us again.

Second, we are required to check in with other groups using Google Hangouts. It doesn't really help to hear the what other members are doing, and not being able to reciprocate.

Third, I am still envious of the two volunteer teachers from Job Corps.

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