Friday, October 7, 2011

BAVC, TIDHI, directory calling, BTOP website

On Monday, Dan and I worked at AspirationTech, and after lunch, at CTN so we can make phone calls.

On Tuesday, Lorna, Dan and I met Andy Kawanami and Jennifer Gilomen at BAVC. Andy gave us a tour of their facilities before talking about classes they may need help teaching, such as Mac Basics and about social media. He also talked about BAVC hosting SF Commons, which is the public access television for San Francisco. Membership rates are such as $10/month for a low-income SF resident and $250 for a SF non-profit organization. Membership privileges are such as discounted BAVC classes and up to five 4-hour reservations of studios and editing labs. "Certification" is needed before using the studios and labs though.

On Wednesday, Lorna, Dan and I met Lani Hansson and Sherryl Morris at Treasure Island Homeless Development Initiative (TIHDI). Lani talked about her small computer lab, Business Assistance Center located in the Ship Shape Community Center. After that, Dan and I did a brief tech assessment of the 5 computers the computer lab.

On Thursday, Dan and I attended the staff meeting, and then worked on the BTOP website. On Friday, we worked on the SFBTOP website and this blog, time reporting, finding graphics for computer lab signs, etc.

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