Friday, October 7, 2011


Besides completing our weekly agenda of finishing up the BTOP website ( check it out its looking pretty good! ) and updating CTN's directory Mun and I have been making weekly trips to different NPO's we will be working with in the future.  We started out this week on Tuesday by making our way over to the Bay Area Video Coalition over on Mariposa at Bryant.  We met with Andy who gave us a tour of the facilities as well gave us into insight into what sort of classes we could teach at BAVC.  Since all of the computers at BAVC are Apples it seems the need for introductory mac basic computing skills is what is needed the most.  SF Commons public access is hosted out of BAVC so their are a lot of inexperienced computer users creating public access TV shows that certainly could use the help of learning some introductory computer skills on macs.  I was pretty excited to hear this since I've been a mac person my whole life. I'm looking forward to teaching on OS that I know the best.   We will be working with Andy in the next few weeks to help send out proficiency tests to figure out how we can formulate a curriculum.  BAVC's facilities were so incredibly nice it really inspired me to create my own public access TV show which i'm definitely considering doing in the near future.
       On Wednesday we headed over to Treasure Island to visit at The Treasure Island Homeless Development or TIHDI.  We had heard that they were having issues with their computer lab so Mun and I figured we would put together a small tech assessment for them.  It ended up that their lab wasn't as in bad shape as we thought and doing a lot better than Valencia Gardens lab where we currently monitor in the afternoons.  Overall, the visit went well and we will hopefully be giving them some advice in the near future on how to better maintain their computers.  It was a great week at CTN i'm always a fan of field trips especially to crazy apocalyptic looking places like Treasure Island.  It has been a while since we've both posted any pictures and it doesn't look we will be getting smart phones anytime soon to better enhance our blogging so I'm leaving you with a nice one of Treasure Island. Have a good 3 day weekend! I'm going to enjoy mine for sure because I know next year if I'm working in the non-profit world I certainly won't have it off! Thanks again Kami!

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