Monday, September 26, 2011

Webinars, meetings, observations and CTN network directory

On Tuesday, there were meetings about the CTN Connect event (and giving a presentation about Cloud Computing), going over the draft work plan (from now until January), the BTOP database, BTOP website and updating the CTN directory network. Dan and I also attended a HandsOn Tech Corp webinar about reporting. For example, they wanted the VISTA members to complete surveys (such as stories, reflections, etc.) on the website where we enter our time card, and use their pre and post surveys as a way to measure what specific areas and groups we are working on. In the afternoon, Dan, Kami and I went to pick up a donated microwave.

On Wednesday, I went to observe Paul teach about doing mail merge in MS Word at Goodwill, 1500 Mission Street. In the afternoon, I worked on site at CTN's office.

On Thursday, Dan and I attended a HandsOn Tech Corps webinar about recruiting skilled-based volunteers. We spent the rest of the day talking about and preparing the CTN Directory Update document on Google Apps.

On Friday, Dan and I started contacting the organizations on the CTN Directory Update about their computing facilities, etc. and if they want to be listed in CTN's Network Directory. In the afternoon, we went to Aspiration for a meeting, and we spent the rest of our day working on about blog and time card.

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