Monday, September 19, 2011

Today I spent the morning at goodwill watching Paul Fong give a lesson on how to use mail merge in Microsoft Word.  It was interesting to see how an introductory computer class is taught. Since I don't have a decent amount of experience teaching classes it was important for me to shadow Paul.  I was able to take away some ideas of how I would want to teach. One thing I've found from giving one on one instruction in the past week is how well you should know what your teaching before you actually teach it.  It may sound like a pretty simple concept, yet I've found it is really easy to believe you know a piece of software until you've gone to go give instruction about it.  I've found myself learning more about online sites and applications than I did before because I've had to fumble through them while teaching them.  Not only does it waste time but it also doesn't make you look incredibly intelligent as a teacher.  Right now it hasn't really mattered but I could see it being an issue in the future. I figure before I began teaching I'm going to run through my first lesson a few practice times before actually giving it.  I'm anticipating the time when I can finally teach a class, hopefully it will come sooner than later..

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