Friday, September 30, 2011

One Economy, Google SF, directory calling, etc.

On Monday, at AspirationTech, Dan and I worked mostly on calling and emailing centers around the Bay Area to update our directory and to make comtacts.

On Tuesday, we had a meeting with Leo Sosa and Rishi at One Economy Corporation that also received the BTOP grant, is doing many technology-related community outreach digital literacy projects similar to CTN. Besides talking about some websites and resources that we can look into (such as,,, and, Leo also offered office space for us to use for trainings.

In the afternoon, Dan and I met Jessica and Uno to go to lunch and introduction at Google's San Francisco office at 345 Spear Street. We were greeted by Elaine Theios and Sarah, who took us to the cafe, and then to the conference room to meet with Debbie Newhouse and Matt Severson at Google, Mountain View. Debbie and Matt offered to mentor Dan and I. They also asked for ways that they may help us. Suggestions given were hosting events at their place (San Francisco or Mountain View), recruiting Google volunteers, and helping to identify NPOs in the South Bay.

In the evening, I attended the Community Leadership Awards Celebration, at Herbst Theatre, 401 Van Ness Avenue, hosted by the San Francisco Foundation. 8 high school students and 5 community leaders were honored for their work.

On Wednesday, Dan and I facilitated the first half of the Cloud Computing presentation/discussion at the CTN Connection Event at Goodwill.

The rest of the time on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were mostly spent working on CTN network directory, helping users in the VG computer lab (including the one very "needy" elderly man!), migrating the BTOP website, and attending meetings including the staff meeting, event planning meeting, Valencia Gardens meeting, one-on-one meeting with Kami, webinar with HandsOnTech Corps, and a phone call with Lucy. I asked Lucy about the telephone. I also resubmitted the travel reimbursement request to SJ, and sent in my laptop computer for servicing after receiving the authorization and instruction to do it.

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