Friday, September 16, 2011

Trainings, webinars, meetings and BTOP database

On Monday, Dan and I went through how to run a computer lab with Kami. There are 6 big buckets to running a computer lab which are set up, maintenance, programming, evaluation, funding and policy. We ask went through acceptable use procedures. The rest of the day was mostly spent working on the BTOP website.

Tuesday started with a HandsOn Corps orientation webinar. In the afternoon, there were meetings to discuss the deliverables worksheet, talk with NPOs and discuss about the BTOP website. The NPOs that we talked to were Porcia of Thrive, San Mateo, Ami of the Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership, Marin and Leo Sosa of 1Economy Corporation. Porcia, Ami and Leo talked about what their NPOs do, how they work with other NPOs and what classes their community are interested in.

On most of Wednesday and part of Thursday, Dan and I worked on updating the BTOP database with data from tech assessments. We also helped some people in the computer lab. At 10 a.m. on Thursday, we attended a webinar by HandsOn Corps about sustainability. Also on Thursday, Kami talked about the BTOP directory, and Kami, Dan and I talked to Jen of BAVC and Noreen of Coming of Age about the work that they do, and the needs of their community and NPO partners.

On Friday, Dan and I attended a webinar conducted by Kerri of CTN and Jane Vincent of the Center for Accessible Technology about ZoomText. We spent the rest of the day mostly working on the BTOP database and directory.

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