Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Meetings and trainings

Week 3 is a 4-day week of meetings and more trainings. On Tuesday, all 5 staff members were at the CTN office for staff and BTOP meetings. On Wednesday, Dan and I joined Lorna, JVS, Sunset Beacon Center, Tenderloin Technology Lab, and Treasure Island for Partner's Lunch at the Tenderloin Technology Lab at 150 Golden Gate Avenue. JVS and Sunset Beacon reported students repeating classes, and Treasure Island reported computer problems.

On Thursday, we attended a webinar hosted by HandsOn Tech Corps about Community Training. We were given a bunch for forms that we are supposed to submit such as Sign-In Sheet, Pre- and Post-Surveys, Participant and Activity Rosters and Lesson Summary Sheet. Then, Kami, Dan and I went to meet Martin and Sharee of Valencia Gardens. They would like to open the computer lab more and replace the old computers. In the afternoon, I helped enter some tech assessment data into the BTOP database.

On Friday, the 5 staff and 9 board members for CTN's quarterly in-person board meeting at the Senior Action Network at 965 Mission Street. Kami presented a report of CTN. Nik and a few board members suggested populating the Network Directory on CTN website with more computer labs. We decided what CTN's mission shall be. In the afternoon, I attended BTOP staff training attended by BTOP partners or sub-grantees. Annie Yu of SHE would like the computers to be installed with Windows 7 Ultimate so that she can enable Chinese handwriting recognition on the touch screens. Delores of OMI/Exelsior, told me that seniors will come to the lab to take computer classes if the classes are taught in their language. I also talked with Tuongvi of VEMAA and Shelia of ADHC.

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