Tuesday, September 6, 2011

First week, first blog posting

After one week of AmeriCorps Pre-Service Orientation in Fort Lauderdale, and swearing in on the last day (August 19), all the VISTA members returned to the service site they were assigned to. I am one of the 4 HandsOn Tech Corps members who were assigned to San Francisco. Dan and I are hosted by Community Technology Network. Jessica and Uno are hosted by AspirationTech.

On our first day of our service, Dan and I met Kami Griffiths, the Director of Community Technology Network. She gave us an orientation about her organization. I learned about the history, mission, projects and direction of CTN, and how my role as an AmeriCorps VISTA member fits with CTN. Kami also provided Dan and I with a Lenovo IBM Thinkpad computer to do our work. Kami introduced us to one of CTN's partner, Valencia Gardens (390 Valencia Street), who is also hosting CTN's office at 360 Valencia Street. I met Martin and Sharee of Valencia Garden. We then went to lunch and AspirationTech's orientation and training about the Publishing Matrix conducted by their director, Allen Gunn. We also met Lorna Walsh and Kerrey Shannon, the other 2 staff members of CTN, for the first time.

On our second day, the 4 HandsOn Tech Corps members of CTN and AspirationTech went to Sacramento to attend a training conducted by Misty of AspirationTech. The 10 participants learned about the Publishing Matrix and Social Dashboarding using Netvibes.

On the third day, we continued with our on-site training at AspirationTech. Allen Gunn, director of AspirationTech, talked about "People, Process and Technology". Then, he talked about the "Four Processes for Sustainable Online Impact, which are "Audience Assessment", "Publishing Matrix", "Message Calendering" and "Social Media Dashboarding".

On the fourth day, I joined the webinar training hosted by HandsOn Tech Corp at http://pointsoflight.adobeconnect.com/techcorps. In the afternoon, Kami and Lorna talked about internet safety and how to work with new computer users. Then, Danielle, a former VISTA member talked about her experience. At 5:30 p.m., while searching for mobile phone plans for the smart phone we are going to get, the computer stopped responding. After 4-5 minutes, the blue screen came up. Subsequent attempts to reboot failed. Diagnostics indicated hard drive failure. I will be using my own computer until the given computer is fixed.

On the fifth day, Matthew Garcia of AspirationTech conducted a training session on Wordpress, attended by all 4 San Francisco VISTA members as well as Lorna of CTN and other 2 community partners. Dan and I started working on the Broadband Technology Opportunity Program (BTOP) website using Wordpress. It is temporarily being hosted at http://test2.bettertools.org

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