Monday, September 26, 2011

CTN Directory

This past week has been another busy week at CTN.  We've been busily working on CTN's network directory, a map of information on computer centers located in San Francisco. Our job is to expand the map to the East and South bay.  Mun and I split up a list of nearly 175 organizations that may or may not have computer centers.  We've been researching and calling each location on the list to get more information about their computer center so they can be listed into the directory. It hasn't been an easy task and is quite tedious. However, we are gaining experience and speaking to other non profits and playing a large part in creating the directory as well as networking with other organizations throughout the bay area. It has been very difficult to figure out how to speak to specific organizations.  From the calls I've made so far, some organizations have been happy to be listed while a few others haven't been incredibly excited about being listed due to their high traffic volume in their centers already.  Like most things I don't enjoy doing it's always getting started that is the hardest part but as soon as I've started it becomes fairly easy. Now speaking of that..time to get started with some calls....

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